Axiom Media Email

What does our email service offer you?


  • Access to email via the Webmail interface and your preferred email client
  • Access to email wirelessly including Android and iPhone (Noteworthy Mobile or POP, IMAP and SMTP configured on the iPhone's mail client)
  • All mail folders can be shared between the webmail and any IMAP client. (i.e. Microsoft Outlook)
  • Group list for sending emails to multiple recipients
  • Relief from mail delivered from spam and viruses


Email Quick Feature Overview


  • Spam and viruses are negated by daily updates of the latest spam and anti-virus software.
  • Group lists let you send emails to multiple recipients, streamlining your communications and saving time.
  • Easy organization with integrated task list and contact list.
  • Flexible to your needs, providing email access via webmail or your preferred mail client.
  • Customer portal simplifies email management for administering domains, users and settings.
  • Easy to use and manage with point and click administration and a user-friendly web interface.
  • Wireless access to Noteworthy mailboxes through internet enabled devices (including BlackBerry) .



Technical Support Downloads


  Instructions on Setting up Mail

  Download Users Guide for New Axiom Media Email System

Click here for WebMail Login


If you need additional technical support, we recommend Alan Hacker of Axiom Media Support Services, LLC.